And so I slit my wrists on the bathtub.

I feel the blood dripping to the water.
I am seeing it colouring the water to red.

I leave the door unlocked cause it doesn’t matter anymore.

It is all ending now.

Finally, everything.


Stops here.

I wrote this piece as I thought of Hannah Baker from the hit TV Series “13 Reasons Why”. In a lot of ways, I identified myself with her. The sadness, the overthinking. However, in a lot of ways too, I’m different. There have been criticisms that the series romanticises suicide. The way I view it, I feel like the show highlights the after effects of suicide. You can see the pain on that show. 


WP Daily Prompt: Heal

I need time to heal. For now.

Writing has always been a way of medium for me to heal from whatever I am going through.

Happiness. Sadness. Confusion. Hurt. Anger.

It allows for self-expression and to organize my thoughts.

Why am I sad? Because of this. Why is this making me sad? Because it matters. Why does it matter? Because and so on. I will eventually find out the source of it.

However, as of now and few weeks before,  I lost my words. I lost my flair in a way.

I feel like writing does not heal me at the moment.

Because then I am forced to write down the stuff that bothers me and something about seeing it in ink and paper just does not make it any better.

Add with school assignments and exams, I simply do not have the motivation to write. For now.

This blog has turned into something that I treasure and I will go back.

But, I need some time away from everything. And everyone. I need to force myself to be alone and just rethink my values and goals in life. To get my priorities right.

I need to give time time to heal me. I need to be patient.

For that, I leave my words here.

Peace out.