Hello, everyone! My friend, Devin’s dad had a heart attack and please help to donate. The surgery will only take place upon payment of $50k Brunei dollars. This is not a scam by the way. Even a dollar helps. Below are pictures for proof.   There is a side post on my personal view on this. Somewhat […]


Quick Update on Brisbane: There are 4 of us now travelling to Brisbane. Possible of 5th and/or 6th person appearing and joining us. Quick Update on Day: Feeling bit empty these few days. Uninstall Twitter and possibly Snapchat soon. Gonna focus on what I love most for my mid-sem break in order to regain my footing. […]

For My Shell

“I still can’t get over you.” That is what on my mind when I was alone. When I’m not with my friends, when I’m just lying on the sofa and my songs are playing in the background, you somehow managed to creep into my mind. We never took any pictures together. It doesn’t matter as […]