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Last Day of February

Hello, everyone!

I have a chronic disease of procrastination as this post was supposed to be on last day of February. I also noticed that my monthly last post didn’t turn out to be monthly as I realise there are few months missing since I started this blog? *awkward laugh*

I read back on my previous ‘last day of month’ post and I didn’t even specify how much I had saved. Well, that’s a bummer since I’m pretty sure you guys like Maths like I do (espeacially when it comes to $$$).

So, back in December 2016, I said I had $790 in savings and in January 2017, I mentioned briefly that I bought my air tickets already.

[Maths’ Time]

December 2016: $790
(from monthly allowance since July 2016 + $40 from somewhere)
Air tickets: $747
Excess: $43

January 2017: $43 + $150 (from monthly allowance)
+ $100 (from angpows)
= $293

February 2017: $293 + $150 (from monthly allowance)
+ $200 (from a side job) + $200 (from my sister)
= $843


Wait, wtf? I’m as surprised as you are. Okie, I’m pleasantly surprised, though. I’m doing a side job, nothing too demanding, just helping my mum around. The $200 is a one-time thing from my sister, heh 🙂

Alright, peeps, so we are in the month of March now and I can sense that it will be a good month! Remember how I said I was having a sore throat last couple of days, turn out I’m spreading my germs to my family, MUAHAHAHA.

February was a tough month for me, but I learned that there are still people who care and also that sometimes, you have to be the one that picks yourself up. Friends are nice to depend on and true friends are there for you, but you need to be able to help yourself too when you’re alone.

I realised I have been allowing myself to be this fking sad emotional blob and honestly, I told myself to just stop. Stop fking yourself, Ehsan. Stop with all these self-pity and just get up there.

Still on my journey to self-love. I wish all of you a good day!

Hugs, xx.

Just Ehsan Elaborating, Monthly Last Post

Long Overdue Debt

Alright, it is time to get my shit together. As mentioned from a previous post some weeks ago, I actually had a lot to update. These are posts that I owned you; two 2016 year end posts, 2017 hopes, December end of month plus updates to Brisbane.

First of all, I forgot what shits I was thinking of writing for the two 2016 year end post (no, I did remember, one would be on being grateful and another on the 2016 year end conclusions) but honestly, the timing just fked up now and I will just combine these with my 2017 hopes.

December end of month plus updates to Brisbane is really just a brief thing. I got my tickets to Brisbane already. I will be traveling for 10 days, including that long stopover I will be making in Singapore. Another thing is, so far, I have two travel companions (which are my close friends) that are following me so I’m excited for that. Okie, that’s done.

Moving on to serious business, my 2017 hopes. Well, okie, let me be very honest with you. The start of 2017, I was filled with all these hopes that I will be a better friend, going to work on my body more (like exercise, eat clean), getting rid of negative people but guess what, IT’S A BIG FUCKING NO FOR ME.

One month has not passed yet and I had already

  1. Hurt not just one, but two dear friends of mine with my lack of communications and my fucking temper.
  2. I have not even jog seriously yet
  3. I keep letting these habits of falling into people’s trap of sweet talk and a naivety that they will be better.

So yea, welp, what a fucking good start for 2017, am I right?

If you noticed, I’m using a lot of swear words because this is how I normally speak. Another thing is, I’m going to start talking in this blog as if I’m talking to myself so more swear words to come!

However, I’m really a positive person deep inside and the start of 2017 is not that bad. I met some new friends that kinda clicked well with me and I actually starting to love two of my business modules. I’m starting to wear what I want without caring about the judgment from strangers, friends and family members (they can be the harshest one of all). I’m eating more vegetables, fruits, and less rice. I solved conflicts with those people who I had hurt and just trying to filter out some people out of my life.

So yea, it really is not all that bad. I am having a good week so far and it is nice. Life, at this moment, is a bit unfulfilling but it is also good.

It is also Chinese New Year so it is another chance for us to say “New Year, New Me” those kinds of shits, AHAHAHHA. Happy Chinese New Year, 新年快乐,恭喜发财! 🙂

Alright, that is all from me. Thank you for following me so far and those endless supports.

This is another long overdue thing too, but please check out my friends’ blogs! (YASS, PLURAL)


Monthly Last Post

Messed Up 2.0

I can feel my confidence fleeting at the moment.

It’s harboring between two ends of emotions, self-bashing and self-assuring.

I’m no stranger to self-bashing. It’s ugly, it’s harmful and sometimes, it’s very hard for it to go away. That voice that seem to talk down whatever efforts you are doing. The devil’s whisper is in all of us.

Then you have the angel’s side. Fighting you on, supporting you. It’s a cliché example but it helps.

The doubt is growing in my everyday and I do not know when did the seed start to sprout. Perhaps its flourish because most of the time, I let the devil win. I did not control it as frequent as I wanted to?

As much as I am inspired by creative writers and bloggers that I followed, I am also intimidated. Jealous perhaps? I never really associate myself as a writer because fuck no, there are tons of others writer with better vocabularies and grammars that manage to captured the essence of what they want to write. They are able to convey emotions in such a way. They are the ones who are able to describe the feelings that most of us cannot. Those writers struck a chord in you, in me, in all of us.

So now, I’m just left with this thinking that what am I even doing here? I feel like I’m not even worthy of writing stuff or whatever posts I had written.

HOWEVER, BEFORE YOU GO LIKE “Oh, nah, Ehsan, don’t think that way etc etc etc” I’m still clinging on to my pride or whatever that I am worthy, that my words are not rubbish at all and that friends read my post before. Lol.

I’m tired honestly, physically tired. It’s like 6.13 am and I should be sleeping 3 hours ago. Just going to sleep away all this thoughts I guess, but they definitely reappear again. Gawd, it was supposed to be an update of how much I been savings so far for my Brisbane trip


Have a good day, yall.

Monthly Last Post

Water and Green Tea

I like to apologize for my lack of updates. Truth is, I got lazy. Lol. Unlike my previous post which strike the fire in me to write, I have not got the same motivation since then.

Not only that, I forgot to write my monthly last post on October and its been almost two weeks into November now. *insert apologizing emoji*

A few quirky insights on my life since October:

  1. Assignments were killing me and it was not just because of the content, uncooperative problematic whiny teammates contribute to such a big factor towards my stress level.
  2. Due to lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits, almost everyone at uni were sick, coughing sneezing all that stuffs, and I managed to evade it?
  3. My friends and me went on the back of my friend’s truck (okie, not really a big truck, but a smaller version of it) and that was fun. Especially when he turn around a bend and we kinda slide along.
  4. I did not realize that goofing around at a book store can be a fun experience. A friend of mine make puns with the books titles.
  5. A small ball worth 50 cents can bring me such happiness.

Okie, those are just some of those stuff that I can remember.

This month, I kind of spend a lot of money on food, movies and a freakishly expensive photobook…… I wasn’t able to save more than BND$150.


It’s a good progress actually, I can buy my air ticket to Brisbane by January 🙂 AND USING SINGAPORE AIRLINES WHAT MORE!

Alright, just an advice, do hydrate yourself with water and green tea (like what I am doing now) so that you won’t end up with so much pimples on your face :<

Till next time,



Monthly Last Post

Main Purpose

Hey guys!

So I figured I should start blogging one of the main purpose I started this blog (Lol, after like a month).

Last June, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a bunch of my close friends and the exchange rate made it attractive for us (it was like BND$1 = RM$3). It was easier for me to save my money for that trip, I only start allocating my money for that trip 2 months before flying off.

For now, I am planning to travel to Brisbane, Australia next year during my summer holiday (mid May  ~end of July). As we are aware, travelling = $$$. Australia is quite an expensive country to travel to in terms of food and accommodation when compared to Malaysia. Hence, I had started to save my money for this trip since July 2016.

A little bit of useful information you should know on how I save my money. I am fortunate enough to be a citizen of Brunei and our country has a good welfare systems for its citizens. I practically don’t have to pay tuition fees for my university. Not only that, the government gives a monthly living allowance for those citizens who are studying at any of the higher education institutions. I would like to clarify that it is only for Bruneian citizens. In a joking way, the government seem to pay me to study but study such a bore for me.

So every month, I will allocate half of my living allowance for Brisbane and for the other half, I spent it on my rent, food, entertainment and other necessities (like phone’s credit, internet bills). If there are excess, I save it for my trip.

I did a rough estimate of this saving plans and by next Jan 2017, I should have enough money just to buy the air tickets to Brisbane. 😦 I estimated the air ticket to be BND$800.

The main reason I’m going to Brisbane is to celebrate my close friend 21st birthday. My friend is currently pursuing her degree at one of the university at Brisbane and she told me such a sad story that she celebrated her 20th birthday alone during June. Not sure what came over me, but I told her that she will not be alone next year, I will be there for her and doing all crazy stuffs with her. From then on, I was determined to go to Brisbane. Not only that, one of my favourite cousin went to Brisbane too for his education last August. All the more reasons to go.

I will update how much I have saved by end of each month as a form of motivation. You guys can track my progress too. One other thing is, suggest to me some places to go in Brisbane! I haven’t planned my itinerary yet as I wanna have my money ready for it, so feel free to do so! Check ‘Stalk Me Here’ at the bottom 😛

If you been following me for a month, thank you for your patience and support! NICK C!