WA Rant

I am one of those generations where my childhood was VHS tapes, playing outside, home phone, bulky computers, and BackStreet Boys. I still remember the time where I would talk for hours on the landline (cause it is far more cheaper and my friends and I doesn’t have our own phones at that age). Now, […]

Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday today. My computer reminded me today with an alarm. My phone reminded me with permanently flagging that date. My email account sent a courtesy reminder to my inbox. Its been a year. Funny how technology the one that maintains this thin thread between us. I didn’t want to be alone today. Because […]


We could have spent Saturday night watching a movie on your sofa but you choose to drive to town instead. We could have spent our days in laughter and be happy but you choose to be sad instead. We could have help and support each other but you choose to take only. You could have […]