This blog was created on one quiet night of September 2016 after much thought were given (mostly on questions such as “What will I write about? Will people even read it?”).

It was created out of an ordinary girl on her journey to engage in her creative side of writing and story-telling where she believes that everyone has stories to tell.

The title of the blog, SERENDIPITY, is the phenomena of finding pleasant things that were not looked for. Personally, I like to interpret this meaning as finding something good in a task/situation that you thought was bad/stressful, but it actually has benefits at the end. It’s similar to the expression “every cloud has a silver lining”. Of course, it will be a perfect definition if you are to stumble onto this blog without any referrals and it is simply by chance.

RAMBLING has two definitions; to move aimlessly from place to place and to talk or write one subject to another without any direction. I tend to do the latter and so, the blog address is born.

Welcome to

Ehsan’s Ramblings  (the more correct form)

WordPress doesn’t allow me to put apostrophe unless I buy their plans which individuals like me does not do that so I might as well forgo it from my blog address [opportunity cost yo, *shoutout to economist*]

I felt that these two words complement each other well, serendipity and ramblings. You wander aimlessly and found something pleasant that you did not expected. How nice is that?

In the mean time, I hope you find something good out from this blog!