Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday today.

My computer reminded me today with an alarm.
My phone reminded me with permanently flagging that date.
My email account sent a courtesy reminder to my inbox.

Its been a year.

Funny how technology the one that maintains this thin thread between us.

I didn’t want to be alone today.

Because I know I will be reminiscing about the past and wondering myself if I ever will get closure.

I’m done blaming myself, analyzing my actions, pondering those “what if” situations. In some ways, I moved on from that phase.

But I was alone today.

And it kind of forces me to face the reality that I did not change much. I’m a bit disappointed but know that I’m not tied down by you anymore.

I uh, I couldn’t greet you. Directly. Cause I know I’m just a distant memory now. Thrown and forgotten and I don’t want for you to be reminded of how I was. How I was last year when we met coincidentally.

So I’m doing this here because I found strength through my writing.

Happy Birthday.


One thought on “Happy Birthday

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