We could have spent Saturday night watching a movie on your sofa but you choose to drive to town instead.

We could have spent our days in laughter and be happy but you choose to be sad instead.

We could have help and support each other but you choose to take only.

You could have all of me but you choose someone who does not even give a part of their heart.

–  This been in my draft for too long.

AfterThoughts, Writings


And so I slit my wrists on the bathtub.

I feel the blood dripping to the water.
I am seeing it colouring the water to red.

I leave the door unlocked cause it doesn’t matter anymore.

It is all ending now.

Finally, everything.


Stops here.

I wrote this piece as I thought of Hannah Baker from the hit TV Series “13 Reasons Why”. In a lot of ways, I identified myself with her. The sadness, the overthinking. However, in a lot of ways too, I’m different. There have been criticisms that the series romanticises suicide. The way I view it, I feel like the show highlights the after effects of suicide. You can see the pain on that show.