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I have been receiving a string of bad news lately that are tied to people I care about and to be honest, it is stressing me out.

I do understand that me being a third person, stressing out or worrying won’t help at all. The way I’m feeling now cannot be on the same page as them.

But, I still am worried. 

It is only because I know how some people can be.

No matter how much exposure you give to a cause, for example, spreading knowledge about a kid with cancer, there will still be people who don’t care. Or they care at that one moment and they forget about it the next day.

No matter how much retweets are given, how much ‘shares’ are clicked on a Facebook post, how much pictures are posted on Instagram, there will always, always, be people who will forget about this and move on.

And that is not something I want. I do not want you to stop talking about it. I do not want you to forget about it. I want you to remember it in your skins and bones.

However, I won’t condemn you if you do not feel that way. Because I am a hypocrite. I am one of those people. I stopped caring about things that are not related to me a few years ago as it’s taking a toll on my mental health. The only reason I am caring about this is because people who I considered close with are being affected and that is not nice. I do not like seeing them stressful.

Please do know that I am bad at this type of situation and I really don’t know what to say. I can only give you hugs and those standardised responses.

Hugs, xx


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