Monthly Last Post

Last Day of February

Hello, everyone!

I have a chronic disease of procrastination as this post was supposed to be on last day of February. I also noticed that my monthly last post didn’t turn out to be monthly as I realise there are few months missing since I started this blog? *awkward laugh*

I read back on my previous ‘last day of month’ post and I didn’t even specify how much I had saved. Well, that’s a bummer since I’m pretty sure you guys like Maths like I do (espeacially when it comes to $$$).

So, back in December 2016, I said I had $790 in savings and in January 2017, I mentioned briefly that I bought my air tickets already.

[Maths’ Time]

December 2016: $790
(from monthly allowance since July 2016 + $40 from somewhere)
Air tickets: $747
Excess: $43

January 2017: $43 + $150 (from monthly allowance)
+ $100 (from angpows)
= $293

February 2017: $293 + $150 (from monthly allowance)
+ $200 (from a side job) + $200 (from my sister)
= $843


Wait, wtf? I’m as surprised as you are. Okie, I’m pleasantly surprised, though. I’m doing a side job, nothing too demanding, just helping my mum around. The $200 is a one-time thing from my sister, heh 🙂

Alright, peeps, so we are in the month of March now and I can sense that it will be a good month! Remember how I said I was having a sore throat last couple of days, turn out I’m spreading my germs to my family, MUAHAHAHA.

February was a tough month for me, but I learned that there are still people who care and also that sometimes, you have to be the one that picks yourself up. Friends are nice to depend on and true friends are there for you, but you need to be able to help yourself too when you’re alone.

I realised I have been allowing myself to be this fking sad emotional blob and honestly, I told myself to just stop. Stop fking yourself, Ehsan. Stop with all these self-pity and just get up there.

Still on my journey to self-love. I wish all of you a good day!

Hugs, xx.


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