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Cookies’ Chemistry

I found a website that talked about the chemistry behind the best chocolate chips cookies and it is pretty mindblowing! (Thanks to my last minute research on my kitchen chemistry assignment)

I have always known that baking cookies are not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of factors that can affect the end results. However, I wasn’t really that bothered to experiment it one by one. I’m satisfied with edible tasty cookies.

The one and only time I was so interested in a recipe were macaroons because that shit is hard. I did research for that sweet lil thing, baked 5 times for that and it’s still not successful. One day.

Anyway, back to chocolate chips cookies. Stumbling onto that site was magical. It was interesting as fk for me and it’s been a while that I was motivated to learn.

I’m just going to wait for Supa Save to restocked it Hershey’s chocolate chips and you will see me bake this tried and tested chocolate chips cookies!

They have a fking book on this. It’s definitely going on my book’s list now. Fk, I need to get this.

On another note, I have no comment on my post of “For My Shell“. Don’t ask me shits on it. Obviously, it’s for a person and nah, I won’t indulge on those details. 

Hugs, xx.





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