For My Shell

“I still can’t get over you.”

That is what on my mind when I was alone.

When I’m not with my friends, when I’m just lying on the sofa and my songs are playing in the background, you somehow managed to creep into my mind.

We never took any pictures together. It doesn’t matter as memories of us are ingrained stubbornly in my mind.

The songs that you introduced to me. The book that you lend to me.

Pieces of your character were passed on to me to be remembered.

To be honest, I’m really tired now.

Tired of your smiles. Tired of those walks we took. Tired of those lunch times we had. Tired of the times we played frisbee. Tired of your jokes. Tired of your concern. Tired of everything that had anything to do with you since August 2014.

I kept thinking back when we met by fate on my birthday last year. I wasn’t sure if it was a blissful thing or a cruel joke honestly. I wasn’t prepared at all.

Are things better now? Yes.

Do I still love you? Always.

How do I know? Because I know that your happiness doesn’t lie with me.

You’re the worst and best thing ever that happened to me.

You’re my undoing.

You’re still my shell.


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