It came.

Stealthily, silently, creeping from behind you and finally, it claws onto you.

Somehow, you’re aware of it existence but you play a game of taming it.

You tried to train this beast. Your efforts paid off most of the time, but it also means that some are futile.

“O creature, why have you seek me after all this time?” you asked as you fell on your knees. If history were to repeat itself, you knew that it will not forsake you but leave you to heal and strike you again at your most vulnerable state.

It never replied your question as it slowly consumes bits of your soul, tainting it with dark patches along the way.

Deep down, you know what this beast it. It is what you had suspected all along.

A manifestation of hate, pride, lust, misery and all things ugly that exist within mankind. It has existed since the first betrayal by Adam and Eve towards God. From then on, it grows.

It had taken root in every human being.

It is a part of you.

You cannot get rid of it, for this is the curse that bestows upon humans.

Only you can fight your own demons.


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