“You know what, you are selfish. You claim that if they are happy, you will be happy. Spare me that bullshit. I can see it so clearly that you don’t feel that way. You don’t care a shitass about their happiness.You hate the fact that they are content without you. Without you, being there. Their life is moving forward without you and there is nothing, nothing, you can do about it. Move the fuck on.” He spits those words right out of his mouth.

When you love something so precious, you do not realise that you’re gripping it tightly that you end up hurting it.

I look at my hands, opening and closing them repeatedly, thinking how many people I have crushed with my possessiveness, I guess? Is it, though?

Was he right? Am I wrong?

There’s no use questioning into these things right? I chuckled.

The very same people who said they be there for me are the same people who hurt me deeply. Again and again.

Putting that music to the blast won’t help you at all. Neither is the itch you had for cigars, alcohol or any of that dumb shit you’re thinking of doing.

“How did it come to these?” In your mind, you’re a simple girl with simple needs.

“Fk that.” His sudden cursing woke you up from your trance. He looked at you with misty eyes, as if his world compose of you only and that you are the only thing he needs. You suddenly find comfort in that.

You laugh. “Yea, fk that” Smiling at him, you reach your hand out and touched his cheek gently. And ever so usual, you can taste the apologies for the harsh words he said just now in his kisses.









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