Just Ehsan Elaborating


I never thought of myself as an extrovert person, where people associated with that term seem to have boundless energy and well-liked by anyone, nor am I an introvert person, who only want to spend their time alone.

Ambivert seems to be a mixture of both but let’s not label ourselves with all these. Just called it spectrum instead. This is what I mean, taken from http://www.scienceofpeople.com/2014/12/ambivert-extrovert-introvert/


I might be a little on the left or right side of the ambivert, it all depends on the person/situations I will be.

Today, I’m starting my 2nd year at university and I met some new people from my Business Faculty. I realised that I will try to be more outgoing when in that sort of situation. It is only a bit overwhelming but nothing that I can’t handle.
I also talked to a girl beside me at my 4.30 pm class.

At the end of the day, I got tired from exerting all this energy so rejected a dinner. Now, as I’m typing it, I find comfort in being on my own and just “recharging” my energy. I find solace when I’m just utterly alone and don’t have to do interaction (sometimes).

Okie, I know that I owned quite a lot of posts on this blog (two 2016 year end posts, 2017 hopes, December end of month plus updates to Brisbane)  no promises but I will get back to writing them soon. AHAHHA, might just combine everything into one long post!

Ciao, xx.




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