An Open Letter To My Best Friend

This is an open letter of some sorts to a best friend of mine.  Not an open letter of apology, because there is nothing to apologise for.  It is probably time for me to realise that our priorities are different now. Gawd, I love you so much as a friend that writing this is really […]

“You know what, you are selfish. You claim that if they are happy, you will be happy. Spare me that bullshit. I can see it so clearly that you don’t feel that way. You don’t care a shitass about their happiness.You hate the fact that they are content without you. Without you, being there. Their […]


It came. Stealthily, silently, creeping from behind you and finally, it claws onto you. Somehow, you’re aware of it existence but you play a game of taming it. You tried to train this beast. Your efforts paid off most of the time, but it also means that some are futile. “O creature, why have you […]