December is honestly the month of a slump for me. There are definitely some highs, not just being the lazy ass doughnut that I usually am.

There are three more days till 2017 ends and I want to take this opportunity for some self-reflection. I will be writing in themes and today, apologies are needed. They are long overdue.

First and foremost, I apologize to all of my readers which consist of my friends and strangers for not posting anything for a few days now and depriving them the pleasure of reading my awesome blog.

Apologies to my family for my bad moments that made me said very harsh words. I’m sorry for my short fuse temper and it will always be something for me to work on.

There are a few friends in my mind that I felt I owed it to them for this.

Apologies to my friends. I know that some of you had gotten hurt before, either by my inconsiderate actions and/or words and I cannot promise that I will not do it again unless you tell me. Sometimes, it is just the way I am, it is part of my personality and we know that changing a part of you is easier said than done.

To those who once hold a dear place in me, I apologize for pushing you away and not keeping in touch. There are some who I completely cut off, and the same thing happened to me, to be honest, I don’t bear any ills. I am only sorry that the friendship was not meant to be.

I am a bitch and no angel myself, I vent my frustration of some of my friends on other people instead of talking to them because they would not understand it. I apologize for not trusting you enough for that and in a way, I’m a two-faced bitch daughter of a wonderful mum. I also apologize that sometimes you take the fall for my actions even though it is completely my decisions and whatnot.

Lastly, apologies for myself. I’m sorry that I had let some people affect and made me doubt my self-worth. Sorry that I was too blind to see that they were using me and not that they needed my support. Sorry that I wasn’t working hard enough for my first semester that it had a cascading effect.

Those bad choices that you knew were wrong but you do it anyways, yea, no regrets on that actually 😛

What are some of the things that you would like to apologize for before 2016 ends?






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