WP Daily Prompt: Moody

I used to describe myself as a moody person in the past, but I come to terms that it’s a normal emotion/description, everyone can get moody. The differences lie in how long you will be moody for and also the stimulus that triggers your moodiness.

I kinda experienced and witness a number of things this past couple of days that are related to moodiness. I won’t divulge on those things as I believed that I am somehow restricted to, it is not my place to say their stuff w/o permission.

My experience was that I became moody cause I was reminded of the past. I was moody because I let myself to be bullied like that and somehow, all the emotions that I kept hidden under the rug for these individuals in my life were about to be let out in a fury. It’s not really a pleasant emotion, you can literally feel the ripple effect of the bubbles on the top of your chest. I almost made a mistake of unleashing it out on the wrong person.
Thank God I did not.

Personally, I think a person’s patience level is related to his/her moodiness.

I need to work on my patience.

[Apologies for a sudden end, but this is the way I intended for.]



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