Just Ehsan Elaborating

Just Ehsan Elaborating #2

I am finally done with my exams last Saturday! 🙂

I noticed that the amount of pimples on my face is directly correlated to the level of stress I had. Lol. Three or two days before my first paper on Monday, it was really bad. As the days went by and my papers are getting less, it cleared up a bit.

I’m just taking extra care of my skin by pampering with mask sheets every night (I really had a ton of those stuffs) and eating fruits. Drinking lots of water too.

It is a month (+ few days) away from 2017! How is your resolution going? Did you manage to do at least one thing right? Lol, my resolution seems to be the same every year to a point that I don’t do it anymore. I just try to do and be the best as I can.

As for now, I’m going to start be a lil bit healthier than my pre-exams condition. That’s my goal for the holidays.

Talking about holidays, have you done any shopping yet? Those Black Fridays sales are just so irresistible!  SIMS 4 is having a huge 75% discount for their base pack! Until 29th November so still a few days left. Lol, dk why I’m promoting it.

I’m short of money now (but my savings are untouched) and I’m just waiting for now. There’s actually three main stuff that I will be spending on:

  1. SIMS 4 Base Pack ( + Get To Work Expansion Pack if possible)
  2. BIG BANG ‘s Album(s)
  3. K-Beauty Stuff


Who knows, I might just do a typical blogger post when those items have arrived. Lol. Though I don’t see myself as a beauty blogger. I suck at those things even though I’m starting to gain an interest on make up only like last month. I usually spend more on skin care.

I have a few ideas on what to write for now, stay tuned! Just need to jump-start that writing kicks again 😛

Hugs. XX.


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