‘The Longest Ride’AfterThoughts


I remember this scene vividly from ‘The Longest Ride’ because of what Ira (the male character) said to Ruth. You can see the hurt in both of their eyes, you can feel the sincerity behind Ira’s words yet also sense a tingle of fear in his voice.

This scene is the epitome of “If you love someone, let them go.” It is one of the many portrayal of selfless love and what I feel people lacks in today’s society.

For me, romantic love isn’t about being in control, it isn’t about being consumed in the love that you suffocate in it, it’s not all things disruptions that pop songs seem to convey.

You want to be with someone who brings out the good in you and vice versa. Someone who won’t destroy you but instead show you that love is calm, soothing, like the dreamlike consciousness before you fell into your slumber. Love is a blessing, not a curse.

Call me a hopeless romantic, call me naive, but once you felt this, you’ll lose all sense of the ‘disruptive’ love. You won’t go back to it.

I remember I read a poem on ThoughtCatalog that express well on this. Once I found it, I’ll update here again! Just want to say something briefly on this pic which I stumbled upon on my laptop while taking a break from studying.