Monthly Last Post

Water and Green Tea

I like to apologize for my lack of updates. Truth is, I got lazy. Lol. Unlike my previous post which strike the fire in me to write, I have not got the same motivation since then.

Not only that, I forgot to write my monthly last post on October and its been almost two weeks into November now. *insert apologizing emoji*

A few quirky insights on my life since October:

  1. Assignments were killing me and it was not just because of the content, uncooperative problematic whiny teammates contribute to such a big factor towards my stress level.
  2. Due to lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits, almost everyone at uni were sick, coughing sneezing all that stuffs, and I managed to evade it?
  3. My friends and me went on the back of my friend’s truck (okie, not really a big truck, but a smaller version of it) and that was fun. Especially when he turn around a bend and we kinda slide along.
  4. I did not realize that goofing around at a book store can be a fun experience. A friend of mine make puns with the books titles.
  5. A small ball worth 50 cents can bring me such happiness.

Okie, those are just some of those stuff that I can remember.

This month, I kind of spend a lot of money on food, movies and a freakishly expensive photobook…… I wasn’t able to save more than BND$150.


It’s a good progress actually, I can buy my air ticket to Brisbane by January 🙂 AND USING SINGAPORE AIRLINES WHAT MORE!

Alright, just an advice, do hydrate yourself with water and green tea (like what I am doing now) so that you won’t end up with so much pimples on your face :<

Till next time,




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