WP Daily Prompt: Urgent

There is a world below me. A world that I was once a part of; hustling and bustling for the materialistic objects that we deemed are covered in happiness. However, once you unwrapped it, the wordings “MORE MORE” are inscribed on it. Just staring back at you and you feel compelled to act on your sense of urgency, the need to chase and fulfilled your compulsion.

I looked down on those oblivious sea of people, walking fast and possibly shouting orders on their phone. Faces frowning and unfriendly. Homeless people on the side of street are invisible to them. Majority of them are the underdogs. The top dogs are the one in the cars, looking outside the window and sneering at these people. The top dogs are also the one who has a high-rise office either by their family fortune or kissing the ass of a higher ranking CEO.

I breathe in my last puff of cigarette and threw the cigars butt down, watching it disappear slowly into the abyss of people. In a few moments, I will be down there, my face might possibly be smashed but still recognizable for my family members. Not that they are of any use really, those blood-sucking monsters.

It’s just like falling asleep. You close your eyes and sunk down into your unconscious state of mind. In fact, it is similar to sleeping, only it is permanently.

I take one last glimpse at the sky,

close my eyes,

take my last breath of the dirty air that is polluted by the factories designed for our consumption




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