Just Ehsan Elaborating

I can’t believe it is already October. 2016 is almost over! Thinking back of the first half of my year, it was pretty awesome and dramatic in a way? I remember how I skipped most of my lectures during February as it was Chinese New Year and spend most of my time visiting/bai nian. My first semester at uni, I was pretty anti-social because I couldn’t care less. Most of my close friends were at my hometown, Kuala Belait (KB) anyway so I don’t see the point of making “fast friends” at uni.

I remember some of those crazy stuffs I did that I didn’t know I was capable of. It felt like it was a long time ago but nope, it’s this year.

If I were to compare the first six months of 2016, it was too good. Circumstances are different now that I felt a bit regret that those moments can’t be relived. Nonetheless, I will treasure those simpler days.

For some people, October remind them of Halloween but for me (probably my friends too), it is the month where most of my assignments are due. I’m talking about those assignments that are worth 30%~40% of your grade. 😥 Right after that, I will be having my examination next month.

The positive thing about this is that these two months will passed by quickly because of the amount of workload. Finally, it will be December!! All my friends abroad will be back and excited at the prospect of seeing them again. 🙂   **yall better be reading this**

So I guess, I might not post as frequent as I did last month. If you have ideas/suggestions, feel free to tell me.

In the mean time, work smart at your uni’s works!



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