Work on Yourself

Hey, just a quick post on something that I learnt today. Been very busy with assignments but I need to write this. A senior drove me back to my home this morning and among the things we talked about, she gave a particular good piece of advice. “Work on yourself,” she said as we talked […]


WP Daily Prompt: Urgent There is a world below me. A world that I was once a part of; hustling and bustling for the materialistic objects that we deemed are covered in happiness. However, once you unwrapped it, the wordings “MORE MORE” are inscribed on it. Just staring back at you and you feel compelled […]

A Promise

WP Daily Prompt: Promises Today prompt made me think back of an 18-year-old me. I thought of a promise I made with a significant someone in the past. He made me promised that I would not lose a part of my identity when I am infatuated with him. This promise was in response when I […]

You Will…

You will want to call him and said “I miss you.” You will want to beg him to come back to your life. You will want to hug him, kiss him, touch him, felt his skin on your skin. Nonetheless, life goes on. Time is cruel. You will grow, you will learn to adapt, you […]