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Hey guys!

So I figured I should start blogging one of the main purpose I started this blog (Lol, after like a month).

Last June, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a bunch of my close friends and the exchange rate made it attractive for us (it was like BND$1 = RM$3). It was easier for me to save my money for that trip, I only start allocating my money for that trip 2 months before flying off.

For now, I am planning to travel to Brisbane, Australia next year during my summer holiday (mid May  ~end of July). As we are aware, travelling = $$$. Australia is quite an expensive country to travel to in terms of food and accommodation when compared to Malaysia. Hence, I had started to save my money for this trip since July 2016.

A little bit of useful information you should know on how I save my money. I am fortunate enough to be a citizen of Brunei and our country has a good welfare systems for its citizens. I practically don’t have to pay tuition fees for my university. Not only that, the government gives a monthly living allowance for those citizens who are studying at any of the higher education institutions. I would like to clarify that it is only for Bruneian citizens. In a joking way, the government seem to pay me to study but study such a bore for me.

So every month, I will allocate half of my living allowance for Brisbane and for the other half, I spent it on my rent, food, entertainment and other necessities (like phone’s credit, internet bills). If there are excess, I save it for my trip.

I did a rough estimate of this saving plans and by next Jan 2017, I should have enough money just to buy the air tickets to Brisbane. 😦 I estimated the air ticket to be BND$800.

The main reason I’m going to Brisbane is to celebrate my close friend 21st birthday. My friend is currently pursuing her degree at one of the university at Brisbane and she told me such a sad story that she celebrated her 20th birthday alone during June. Not sure what came over me, but I told her that she will not be alone next year, I will be there for her and doing all crazy stuffs with her. From then on, I was determined to go to Brisbane. Not only that, one of my favourite cousin went to Brisbane too for his education last August. All the more reasons to go.

I will update how much I have saved by end of each month as a form of motivation. You guys can track my progress too. One other thing is, suggest to me some places to go in Brisbane! I haven’t planned my itinerary yet as I wanna have my money ready for it, so feel free to do so! Check ‘Stalk Me Here’ at the bottom 😛

If you been following me for a month, thank you for your patience and support! NICK C!





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