Have you ever encounter such cb (annoying) people in your team? Like wtf, they act as if they have so much work to do, when in fact, they did nothing at all. Even if they did, it’s a shitty job, they might as well don’t then. Either go hard or go home.

Then when these people are reprimanded for their inaction or lack of contribution in group work, they got all offended/pussy up and denied it with excuses such as “Why are you blaming me?”. They might even resort to a petty method of badmouthing in front of you, saying you’re an asshole deliberately so you can hear.

Fk these free riders and/or these problematic people who can’t seem to think that they are wrong.

These type of people are immature and childish. I can’t believe that even after high school, these people still exist in higher education institutions.
I guess drama does not really end at high school.

Learn to take criticism and admit your faults.


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