Live it your way

Be messy. Break your mama’s rule of maintaining a lady-like image. Drink straight from the carton, even if it is past the expiry date
(as long as it doesn’t smell bad).
Pile on the dishes if you don’t feel like washing it,
it can wait.
Wear a ring on the middle finger so that when you showed it,
it is nicely decorated with gold.
Wear the shortest shorts you can find at home, one that your dad will always cringe but you still love it anyways.
Sleep late, sleep early, sleep when you know you can’t handle the pain of loneliness.
Chat with a friend that is miles away from you and confess to him/her the things that you been wanting to say but can’t.
Have a long shower with sad music playing in the background.
Take time to shampoo and massage your head.
Drink a cold drink continuously and
felt the coldness through your throat when you stop.
Don’t cut yourself, decorate the scars with highlighter instead.
Lay on the floor and turn off all the lights when home alone,
just breathe
and let your thoughts wander around.

When you are done, tell yourself that it is just one of those days where you are feeling like shit and it will passed soon.
And go,
wash the dishes,
brush your teeth,
give your face a mask and then
be grateful that you are only human.


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