Describing Happiness

Have you even been on a state of happiness that lasted for almost a day? As if you are on a happy drug but you’re not, you’re just HAPPY.

So happy and positive that LITERALLY nothing, nothing can affect it.

Today (17th September) was one of those rare days where I felt that happiness.

My face just can’t stop smiling since 3 pm and it’s actually hurting now. AHAHAH.

When you’re feeling that positive vibes only, everything just seem so beautiful. I was looking at leaves while my friend was waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and the way the leaves move and sway with the wind, its peaceful. I don’t know what came over me, it’s just fking leaves on trees, but it was as if, all of those leaves seem to dance with the wind. I was mesmerized for a few seconds before I realized “Gee, I’m so fking high right now.”

One thing is for certain though, nothing can affect you when you’re this happy.

I was singing happily to sad songs on the car.
I smiled throughout the whole journey back.
I enjoyed singing along with my friends and laughed.

When I came home, my family seems happy too.

When you’re happy, you give off a good vibe and your emotions can affect the people around you. Hopefully, those good vibes will spread around to the people close to you 🙂 It will feel nice, knowing that they are feeling good too.

Its just a nice day today and I’m grateful for feeling this intense amount of happiness in my life.

I hope that you too can experience this so that you can understand my lack of description in this. It’s just ineffable. Other writers might be able to express it with more depth than me, but to put it simply, you feel like you are in a good place.





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