A Starting Point

“Hey, you should start a blog on your journey of suffering for 7 months to go on a good trip.” – Some cool ass guy friend named Nick.

We were talking about saving money for a trip and he suggested that. Of course, I didn’t know he was joking then.

Nonetheless, I thought of blogging in the past for expression of my feelings/opinions on certain things and to improve my writing, but these thoughts never stay long in my head. It comes and goes, comes and goes for a few times until Nick said that and (if you know me well enough), I tend to take things too seriously. *awkward laugh*

So yea, this is my starting point.

I still have not decided on the direction my blog will be going because there will be a mix of my savings plan for my trip to Brisbane, maybe some rants, possibly a few posts on food and my attempt of a healthy lifestyle.

I will try to use proper grammar and give a quick read before publishing my post, so if you spot any mistakes, hey, I tried.

That’s all for now (to my non-existent readers).






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