Main Purpose

Hey guys! So I figured I should start blogging one of the main purpose I started this blog (Lol, after like a month). Last June, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a bunch of my close friends and the exchange rate made it attractive for us (it was like BND$1 = RM$3). It was […]

Maybe I’m so good in convincing myself that I’m okay being alone that it is somehow hardwired in me that I prefers to be alone. Don’t get me wrong. I know that having some time for yourself can be a good way of learning to appreciate yourself. I’m okay with eating alone, shopping alone, going […]


Have you ever encounter such cb (annoying) people in your team? Like wtf, they act as if they have so much work to do, when in fact, they did nothing at all. Even if they did, it’s a shitty job, they might as well don’t then. Either go hard or go home. Then when these people […]


I am slipping back onto old habits again. Today, I bought these cups noodles cause you used to complain your parents never let you eat during high school and you can do it now. Yesterday, I turned on the water heater when I passed by the shower. On my way to kitchen, I was prepared […]